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PAYDAYLOANS1500.NET offer limited services and do not act as a loan lender or a loan broker. We are not an agent and is not related directly or indirectly with the loan lenders or consumers. PAYDAYLOANS1500.NET provide services which is restricted to the match the loan application with the offers proffered by loan lenders. We tries to match the loan offers of the loan lenders which are available within our network. However, we do not assure, promise, pledge or guarantee that applying with us will result in availing a loan amount or loan quotes from any lenders. Loan lenders act on their sole discretion on either to approve or disapprove the loan, and we are not involved or associated directly or indirectly loan making decisions.

PAYDAYLOANS1500.NET is neither engaged in any business of making loan decisions or brokering loans. We are also not involved in any activity to process,  procure, solicit, arrange, place, find, endorse or negotiate loans. We also do not intend to assist or advise any individual or consumer in obtaining or availing a loan.  We, PAYDAYLOANS1500.NET, do not directly or indirectly engage or participate in any decisions of offering or providing loans. PAYDAYLOANS1500.NET is not an agent for any loan lender or any person looking or applying for a loan. Our services are limited to administrative and marketing services of our website. Furthermore, PAYDAYLOANS1500.NET do not assure, promise, pledge or guarantee that completing an application form and submitting it for loan will result in receiving a loan from a loan Lender.  We also believe that information provided or shared with us by applicants or loan lenders is true and we have no role in such activities. 

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